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Knitting with Ann Budd: Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers

We are thrilled to present an evening of Knitting with Ann Budd! In this Workshop we will Explore "Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers".  (Note: there will be another class with Ann Budd on Thursday, June 22; click thru here for details)

Pre-registration is required; Cost is $50. Call to reserve your spot! (845 246 2876)

(Plus $1 materials fee for zipper)

Learn how to add steeks in two- (or more) color patterns that are worked in rounds and can then be cut open—typically for a front opening, armholes, and neckline of a sweater. In this class, you’ll knit a tea/coffee cozy with a two-color pattern and steek stitches, then cut the steek open and finish the cut edge with a colorful zipper.


Materials: Worsted-weight wool yarn in two colors (you’ll use just part of each ball); a set of U.S. sizes 7 and 8 (4.5 and 5 mm) double-pointed needles (two circulars or the “magic loop” method can be substituted); tapestry needle; sharp-point sewing needle and sewing thread to match one of the yarn colors.

Homework will be assigned upon registration.

About Ann Budd:  Ann Budd is a freelance knitting editor, author, teacher, and designer. She has authored more than a dozen books, including the Handy Book series and many of the Style series, as well as several books on sock knitting, including Getting Started Knitting Socks, Sock Knitting Master Class, and New Directions in Sock Knitting. Ann is also the host of Knit For Retreats, which are held twice a year at various locations in the U.S. Ann lives in Boulder, Colorado, and teaches workshops around North America and abroad. Learn more at